The company's in house production facilities include the Gerber CAD/CAM System, which aids in designing and making markers is a valuable asset to our factory. Welt pocket machines, smocking machines, Heat sealing machines and auto button attached machines are some of them. We are moving towards the next century with great expectations and a continued commitment to excellence.


Most of the senior staff at the cutting department have been employed by us at the commencement of production in 20 years ago. Aided by 'CAD/CAM' Markers they are able to perform to perfection.

Assorting & Digitalization

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This section is the core of the operation and contains with 10 production lines accommodating 700 number of Machineries including Normal, Over lock, flat lock, double needle, blind hem, multi needle, feed of the arm, lockstitch button attach, button hole sewing and eye hole.


The washing plant is facilitated with Enzyme (Silicone/Stone Bleach), Enzyme Bleach, Normal/Garment wash, heavy garment wash, stone wash, stone bleach, dirty wash, soda-ash wash, rubber ball wash, pigment wash, distress wash, rinse wash, silicone wash, and bleach print wash.


From the time of receiving raw material up to finished product, a stringent quality control process takes place in all areas starting from inspection of Samples, Fabric and Trims, Cutting, in-Line inspection, end-Line inspection, per-final inspection and finish product audit at the best AQL level to ensure optimum quality of the product.


The finishing section is out fitted with the most modern processing and packing equipment to compliment the final quality of our garments. Our modern secured hygienic packing department never fails to impress visitors to our factories. Special apparatus like suction machines and metal Needle Detectors are used on all our finished products. As we are fully comply with C-TPAT requirements, all required security standards are well in placed with CCTV monitoring and security alarm systems


1000 +

Capacity Per Month (pieces)

250,000 +

All Audit Score - Average

90% +