Unilak Fashions
Unilak Fashions (Pvt) Ltd is a Private limited liability Company approved by the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka, established in 1992 which is part of Eastern House Group, and began its operations in Taiwan in 1975 and is currently a premier sourcing and manufacturing group engaged in the business of providing solutions to the apparel industry.

The Eastern House Group delivers a complete supply chain Management across the border by a range of producers and covering all the aspects of product design and development, through raw material sourcing, production planning ,management of quality assurance, shipping and documentation.

To maintain quality and standard with on time delivery.

Our Target
To provide high quality garments with new designs to suit the needs of the customers in the ever changing world by achieving utmost satisfaction of the customers.

Board of Directors
Mr. Jason Huang
Mr. Gimmy Ang Kim Bee
Mrs. Huang Wang Ching-Yueh
Miss. Huang Pai-Chi

Message From Managing Director
The apparel Industry in Sri Lanka after almost three decades of continuous exports is now gradually approaching a crucial period with the expiry of the multi-fibre agreement in the Year 2005. In this emerging new era, for us to continue in business, it will not only be efficiency, sharp prices or short lead times but also need to have very high quality standards in the merchandise we produced for our buyer's

In this context, adopting a quality system such as ISO 9001-2000 is a matter of survival. It enables us to produce right products at the right time. Moreover, it is a pleasure to see our entire talented workforce enthusiastically working towards to achieving this goal and wish to thank for their commitment. Without of all of your support, our company will never survive till the good time to come. With more effort from our management team and I believed we will meet more achievement toward better working environment and supplied better quality of Garments to our buyer's.

News & Events
We are proudly announcing the launch of our 20th anniversary newsletter - 'A celebration of innovation and excellence'.
Unilak organized the 2012 Annual Picnic to the north central province of Sri Lanka on 01st September 2012. Over 600 employees participated and enjoyed various event activities throughout the day.